Profile picture of Football Manager

The computer game Football Manager releases its new edition every autumn. In the lead up to its launch, rumours are rife among its legions of fans about the content of the new game and the appetite for hard information is voracious. Watchable came up with the idea of a spoof news report which summed up the rumours, confirming some of them in a ‘live’ segment featuring Sports Interactive’s supremo Miles Jacobson. The film was greeted with great enthusiasm among the fans, quickly achieving over a quarter of a million views. Some fans even produced their own commentary videos on YouTube. 


Watchable then produced seven short programmes providing details of the new features in the 2018/19 game presented by Joe Thomlinson of Football Daily. They were executed like a TV sports sports show and recorded in BT Sports’ London studios. The programmes were released every few days in the lead up to launch, ensuring mass engagement and chatter in the FM community.